Worth Xtra-Dri Power Shirt

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The first thing to realize about this shirt is that it isn’t at just shirt; it’s a Power Shirt.  Made by Worth, this Xtra-Dri® “compression performance garment” is made by some super secret NATUREXX® material.  So secret and awesome, Worth felt the need to take the word ‘nature,’ throw a pair of x’s on the end of it, capitalize every letter, then register the entire monstrosity on the off-chance  another company  would think to do the exact same.  It’s doubly amusing since the fabric is about the furthest thing from ‘nature’ that I could imagine.  It’s pretty much just lycra, but really thin, and it doesn’t really do much compressing.

Although it’s not much of a compression shirt, it’s still super comfortable.  The cut seems slightly larger than a cotton shirt of the same size, and the color is super bright.  I’m just saying, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it while participating in the Running of the Bulls. I would recommend it for stop sign Halloween costumes and off duty firemen, though.

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