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If there’s one thing I cannot get enough of, it’s stalking my favorite athlete’s every move.  Thanks to Twitter, I am able to do this from the comfort of my own home.  There are many different types of “Athlete Tweeters” out there.  Some post excessively, some offer insight into a professional athlete’s life, and then there are some that are just simply dull.  Blake Griffin is somewhere in between the 2nd and 3rd categories.  Occasionally, his posts are definitely worth the 4 seconds it takes to read the 100 to 140 characters.  Unfortunately, other posts are like watching an episode of Cheaters, only instead of the guy cheating, he really does go to a weekly bowling league just like he said.

I was excited to discover that Blake Griffin was an avid twitter poster.  I pictured Blake’s life being somewhat like Entourage, with Baron Davis playing the role of Ari.  I didn’t think that it would be possible for a 20 year old that lives in LA with millions of dollars to not be interesting.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I felt a little let down to find out that the majority of his posts say that he is about to, is currently, or has just finished eating, exercising, or “chillin.”

Although his tweets may not be what I had expected, some are entertaining and funny enough to keep him on my following list.   One post that made me laugh was “I mean we talkin bout practice… Not a game, practice…” in reference to the Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan situation.  He also congratulated (brother) Taylor Griffin on receiving a contract from the Suns, and let everyone know that he got to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game – both quality tweets.

I was going to go with 2.5 X‘s for blakegriffin, but some “Athlete Tweeters” out there have set the bar so extremely low (I am looking at you Ochocinco and Dwight Howard), I settled with 3.

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