President Obama’s Tournament Picks

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President Barack Obama unveiled his picks for the 2010 March Madness tournament today with Andy Katz from ESPN. While he certainly won’t be taking Joe Lunardi‘s job, Obama does an admirable job with his own “Barack-otology.” Granted, his analyses aren’t particularly insightful (“Maryland has a great player, but Michigan State has a great coach”) and the most he seems to know about teams are that they’re “athletic” and “balanced,” but I can’t seem to find any fault with his final conclusion; Kansas will win the National Championship.

In addition to Kansas in the Final Four, Obama also has the Kansas State Wildcats from the West, the Kentucky Wildcats from the East, and the Villanova Wildcats from the South. As much as this reminds me of brackets filled out by ex-girlfriends with the “cats are cute” mascot-matchup-strategy, I like to think Obama knew what he was doing. At one point in the video he tells Andy Katz he could put Kansas State head coach Frank Martin’s death stare to use in convincing Senate to vote for health care, so he’s definitely familiar with the teams.

Truth be told, I really like Obama’s bracket. He didn’t do too much reaching, only picking a couple upsets in the first round. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed that his prognosticating goes as well as last year!

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