Cheese Beer Bread Mix

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While curiously browsing through Wal-Mart’s Christmas shopping specials of snacks and gift bundles, I stumbled across a small box on the bottom shelf.  The box was left lonely in the corner, the only one of its kind.  It was shyly shoved toward the back with no other matches in sight, set as an outcast amongst the groups of Budweiser BBQ sauce sets, Ritz crackers, and tin packages of cookies.  However, seeing “Beer Bread” on the label was enough to make me to stop and investigate.

The bottle was an Amber Harvest Mills Baking product, a Cheese Beer Bread Mix!  I had never seen such a creation, so I rotated the bottle to learn what was included inside and how it was made.  What I had in my hand was a bread mix that lacked one key ingredient: Beer.  Apparently, this 16 oz bottle, and 12 ounces of your favorite beer is enough to bake delicious cheese-bread. It did mention, though, that light beer is not recommended and that ginger ale can be used as a substitute to create a lighter flavor.  The price was advertised for $5.00, but after adding beer and tax, the cost for the bread ends up being closer to 6 bucks.

The directions were simple:

  1. Empty bread mix into a bowl, and add beer (or ginger ale)
  2. Mix with a wooden spoon until moist (*Do not over-mix)
  3. Pour into a greased and floured 9” x 5” loaf pan
  4. Bake in a preheated 375° oven for 45-50 minutes, or until done

I followed said directions by adding a 12 oz can of my favorite beer (Milwaukee’s Best Ice) and anxiously wait 45 excruciating minutes for the concoction to bake.  After taking it out of the oven, I gave it some time to cool off, then sliced up my cheese bread and found that I enjoyed this delicious treat quite a bit!

The convenience of this all-included, simple, mix was a huge plus to the rating of this product.  The taste also had a huge positive influence on my overall opinion.  I will, however, stress that the “greased and floured pan” step of the instructions needs to be followed.  Unfortunately, I ignored this step and suffered through a hard crust that was difficult to remove from the pan.  Other than that though, there were no problems with the mix!  I greatly enjoyed the product and plan on purchasing another in the upcoming week.

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  • Christa

    Did you use room temperature beer or cold beer??

  • Will Snider

    When I made mine I set out a cold beer for about an hour so it had warmed to room temp.

  • We loved this and want more! Unfortunately I only bought 1 cause I didn’t know what it would be like…. Do I have to wait until next Christmas to buy more?

  • Lynn

    I used a beer that I like called (Long Trail Blackberry Wheat). I set the beer out for two days before making this. I used the Original mix not the cheese bread mix. I loved it wow I want more and plan to find some and order more than one because it worked great with having a bunch of people over. The problem was is there wasn’t enough for everyone. I plan to make this but more than one for all my gatherings.

  • Amber Harvest Mills is distributed by
    Dat’l Do-It. Inc. St.Augustine, FL 32084 1-904-824-2609. I just made the cheese beer bread with of ginger ale, instead. I bought the bottle after Christmas for half price $2.50. I put it in the cabinet. I made it last night and everyone is raving about it. First,I mixed the mix up with a can of ginger ale. Then I greased pans well with bacon drippings then I sprayed with can spray. Then I added some kernel corn and onions and pepper jack cheese pieces and shredded cheddar cheese and jalapeños to the mix. In one pan I made the bread style. In the next half of the mix I folded in half cup cornmeal and one egg and more jalapeños and pepper jack cheese pieces due that my husband loves hot stuff. I baked it for 50 mins. And it is all almost gone. I recommend this beer bread to anyone who loves bread like we do. Enjoy ; )



  • Gail

    I made a loaf last night..Every one loved it..Unfortunately, I only bought one bottle at the local Walmart as an Xmas gift..Now I need more…I made it with our own home brew, HazenLine Brew, I used it cold, I don’t know if it matters with the temp of the beer, either way, now I have people wanting me to make more and they’ll pay me for it..I can get beer bread recipes on line, but , those are made from scratch and I’m thinking, why mess with a great thing..This is very good bread and I need more..So, I’m going to search the site and try to find a way to order more bottles…CUDO’S…

  • Jeremiah

    This stuff was great. Before purchasing a bottle at the grocery store the I decided to check online and see if it was worth the 5 dollars. This review convinced me to give it a try and after trying it out I have to agree, spot on! Great work and great recommendation.

  • Deborah

    I bought some last year for my Dad who had loved the one I got him the year before (2009). I have even found a web site where I could buy a case of them to pass out to friends, etc. Unfortunately, I have looked at several Walmarts this year and cannot locate it. I see the other gift items, but no beer bread. I’m so disappointed. If anyone finds the Amber Harvest Mills Beer Bread mix in the bottle elsewhere, please post here where you found it. Thanks!!

  • Deborah

    FYI….I meant to say I HAD found a web site. I can no longer locate that web site and the computer I had saved it on crashed so I cannot retrieve it.

    Thanks!! Merry Christmas!

  • Deborah

    I don’t believe it…I found the web site again. I kept digging and digging through search engines and the Amber Harvest Mills beer breads are made by a company called Dat’l Do It, Inc in St. Augustine, FL. Their main web site is: but when you click on Food & Gifts, it takes you to the Nanny’s Oven web site where if you click on Breads you go here: I don’t see where you can buy online, it just says that their product is available in Wal-Marts stores Thanksgiving through Christmas. I’ll keep trying to see if I can find a way to order them. They do have contact information listed.

    Happy Eating!!!

  • Kirk

    I found the Amber Mills Original Beer Bread Recipe in Walmart this year, but it came in a Baking Pan instead of a Beer Bottle. Like the post above indicates, the site took me to the site. Its still Amber Mills with same label and instructions for baking, just packaged in a pan as opposed to a beer bottle. Good luck!

  • Dave

    I will be looking for more also.  Got a bottle as a gift for Christmas and made the bread this week to go along with fresh walleye I caught last weekend.  Fantastic.  Reading the comments below it seems I did things right.  Greased and floured the pan.  Heated a cold beer up to room temperature in the microwave before adding it to the mix.



  • Unhappy customer

    OK, I usually don’t do this sort of thing but today my husband decided to make a batch of your Amber Harvest Mills Cheese Beer Bread, 16oz. Distributed by Dat’l Do-it, Inc. in St. Augustine, Fl. 32084 (904)824-2609. He opened the bottle and it exploded all over the kitchen and himself. He jumped back in time to not be injured. What is in those bottles? I thought it was just dry ingredients. It took about and hour and a half to get it out of everything and from under everything in the kitchen, not to mention our new flooring and my husband was so upset about this that he went to the phone and called the number on the pkg. Of course they are only open monday thru friday and on the east coast and we are on the west coast. So I decided to email you. Nowhere on the labeling does it have a caution or warning. The only thing we found was do not expose to extreme heat and believe me we do not live in extreme anything where we are located in California. The bottle was a gift for Christmas and had been on our shelf for about a week before we wanted to try it. Don’t know how long it was on the shelf at the distributors. This could have been a very expensive and horrific event to the hospital if it would have hit him in the face but like I said he was quick to react to the explosion. I don’t want a certificate, coupon or anything like that. We would appreciate an apology and another bottle sent to us that is proven okay so we can try the stuff. If that is impossible then I suppose we will never be able to try it as we are somewhat afraid of this happening again and will probably never buy from your company or anything from the distributor. Please contact me at asap. Thank You