Certain Dri

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I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in Kansas the heat index has been steadily over 100. No, I don’t go outside much, but even thinking about leaving my luxurious, air-conditioned, apartment makes my armpits start pouring sweat.

At a friend’s suggestion, I thought I’d give Certain Dri (not to be confused with Certain Dry) antiperspirant a shot at keeping my underarms dry. I was able to find a stick of it at my local Target on sale for $3.99, though it normally runs for $4.99.

I’ve been using deodorant/antiperspirant now for about 10 years, so at first I laughed at my friend’s suggestion to read the instructions before I used it, but as it turns out I’m glad I did. The instructions in the box said to apply it only at night before going to bed, then use your normal deodorant/antiperspirant in the morning. It’s a good thing I didn’t  go ahead and wear this stuff to a pick-up game, ’cause I wouldn’t have impressed anyone running up and down the court smelling like lavender. Seriously, this stuff straight up smells like one of those crazy ladies that LIVE to run their booth at the flea market. Whoever makes this stuff needs to come up with a new scent for the dudes ASAP.

Other than the fruity old-womanly scent, I have pretty good things to report about Certain Dri. It’s kept me decently “dri” the last couple of days, including a usually stressful trip to casino and an all-night bar hopping adventure in a long sleeved shirt. I’ll probably keep buying and using the stuff, but I’m thinking about emailing the company and letting them know I’m interested in a much more manly “Diesel fuel, cut grass, and cigar” scent.