MLB 09 The Show

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I’m sure at this point you’ve seen the commercials. Sony has heralded MLB 09 The Show as “the most realistic baseball game ever,” though I wish they would’ve just call it “the most realistic and addicting baseball game ever that will eat up all your free time and keep you from doing things you probably should be doing instead.” Admittedly, I love sports games, and am a huge baseball fan, but I think I can unbiasedly say that this is the best sports game I’ve ever played on any platform.

The graphics and animations are mindblowingly accurate (down to Shin-Soo Choo’s batting stance and Zack Greinke’s 68 different release points and arm angles), the multiplayer and rivalry options make it a competitive blast for a group of friends to play,  but this game really shines when it comes the franchise and Road to the Show modes. I wish the game kept track of the total amount of time invested in a Road to the Show player, or maybe I don’t. I’ve definitely clocked in enough hours Dustin Pedroia himself would be impressed.

As great as the game is, leave it to me (and my roommates) to find a couple of things to bitch about.

  1. It’s effing impossible to hit a Tim Wakefield knuckleball.
  2. Relief pitchers SUCK. It’s pretty much a guaranteed blown hold if you sit your starting pitcher.
  3. Running controls take a long time to get used to, and I still can’t figure out how to steal individual runners.
  4. Lag makes it impossible to play online.

These problems are pretty minor, I wouldn’t let them affect my decision to buy this game. Seriously, I’d recommend this game to my grandma – and she hardly knows the difference between a TV and a microwave.