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When I used to think of Reebok, I certainly did not think of quality slow pitch softball bats.  If you are the same way, I suggest you rethink your stance.

In the beginning of this year’s spring softball season, my brother was persuaded by a sales representative at a local sporting goods store to pick up a Reebok Dictator.  He got the white ASA version of it for just over $120 on sale. Despite the deal, it was still a fairly large chunk of money to spend based on a salesperson’s word.

Before I continue, please let me share the fates of the three most recent bats my two older brothers and I have gone through.  Simply put, the way we treat them is illegal in 49 states (Missouri is the odd one out – everything is legal there).

  • Worth Mayhem – bent at a 10 degree angle after 7 hits in batting practice
  • Worth 3DX – flattened barrel after 2 games
  • Mizuno Wrath – broken into two after being used in 4 games

The first hit with the Reebok Dictator was taken by yours truly.  My brother took it out of its plastic wrapping, handed it to me, and said, “Go forth and dictate.” I remember thinking the feel of the bat was good as soon as I held it, but it was not until I took my first swing that I was impressed with the quality.  I hit a deep fly ball that cleared a 300 ft fence by about 20 feet.  I am no power hitter and was not trying to swing for the fences, but the bat rewarded me with the solid contact I had made on the ball.

Fast forward to the end of the same year’s fall season.  The bat had become a team favorite, and practically everyone was using it for every at-bat of our triple headers.  It was probably for this same reason that it had lost some of its pop, but it never bent, cracked, or broke on us.  Next on our agenda is to go out and buy a new one for the next season.

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  • Will

    Diggin this definitely! Great post, I now intend on going out to purchase one for the spring season!

  • Jake K

    The price for that bat is actually pretty good especially if it has pop like that. I played over 100 games just over the summer and we used Miken bats which were of course ridiculously good. I’m surprised that bat had that much pop without breaking it in any. My personal favorite is the Miken Freak which isn’t illegal in KS, so good people thought it was illegal. I hit 7 homers in a HR derby game and i’m a skinny 185 lbs. I was beat by a guy who hit 10 with the same bat who was alot bigger then me. Definetely taking this bat suggestion in consideration though for that kind of price.

  • The Dictator I used was, without a doubt, a good quality bat. I’ve used a Freak before, and I don’t want you to get confused with the power of the Dictator. The Freak is basically easy-mode summed up into a $300(+?) bat. I think out of my 2 rounds of 10 swings at batting practice (where I used it), I had about 11 balls go over a 300 fence, including a left field that had a 20′ fence built like the Green Monster. I’m 6′ 170 lbs with a pretty good stroke, but I’m far from being a power hitter. I’m able to hit balls out of the yard, but not on a consistent enough basis where I’d go that route rather than try to drive it up the right field line to score runs.

    With that said, I would probably put the Dictator’s power mid-range. If you are able to hit home runs, you will be able to with the bat. If you can’t, the bat won’t help you enough to put them over a fence like a Freak will. However, with such a good price tag attached and a proven longevity, it’s very hard to argue against the Dictator especially considering Kansas has some colder play days where you’d be out of your fucking mind to even consider using a Freak.

  • Mike H

    I play in Coed league in Northwest Missouri and our illegal bat list is 9 pages (97 bats total). I am buying a 09 Dictator. Was just tryin to see what ppl were about it. I want to make sure i wasnt buying junk.

  • Tom S

    I’ve been playing softball for a few years and despite my 6’4″, 240 pound build, I’m not a HR hitter, mainly because I hate getting called out under any circumstance, and bombers hit bombs or fly out. I recently started selling products for Reebok and another store owner recommended I try the Dictator…oh man was I pleased. It well right out of the wrapper but after only about 20 hits, I had the ball dancing wherever I wanted, including over the fence. It has great pop AND control. Almost every team in my league has asked to buy one from me because of the league discount I give, but I keep telling them they’re on backorder because I like winning as much as I like making money, this bat is a MUST HAVE in your bag.

  • Clarita Bensalmon

    I’ve been using this bat for a year and half its a power hitting bat but its not a good base hit bat its good four solid singles in front of the fielders but it also gets doubles a good trick is don’t swing fast with it only if the pitcher is pitching really slow and lets there is a bad third baseman don’t try to hit to him you will get out   

  • Yelsewdyck

    To I got the bat for 25$ at winners