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“Sex is fun.  Blankets are a pain in the ass,” states website.  If you own a snuggie, this is definitely a site you should be interested in.  The site is devoted to illustrating sexual positions that are both erotic and warm.  The snuggie has become the solution to having sex and avoiding a chill, and TSS is here to show you how to do so.  From “The Papoose” to “The Pigs in a Blanket,” all of the traditional sexual positions and more have been revisited by TSS to add an extra level of excitement to sex and snuggie use.

The site is a scrolling list formatted with a large, cleverly named titles, helpful illustrations, and a very brief descriptions.  Each individual activity has its own comment archive where snuggie owners and snuggie sutra users can discuss what they like and dislike about each.  Holly, a TSS customer, has claimed, “WOW!! I’m going out to buy a snuggie today. I got business that needs taken care of!” after reading about “The Night In” position.

If I were giving a review of the snuggie itself, it’d be lucky to get 3 X’s, but TSS has embraced the snuggie and learned to deal with its ridiculousness, and found a whole new use for it and fell just short of a full 5 X’s.  Its only flaw is that I still feel the snuggie is basically an oversized robe and for that I couldn’t give it the full award the site deserves.

I will however recommend this site to everyone I ever come in contact with that is an owner of a snuggie and think TSS will soon become a popular theme for swingers parties and orgies.  Buy stock in snuggies now, because when the pervs get a hold of this site, snuggie sales are going to soar!

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